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Let’s build with zero injuries

Let’s put our moral convictions into practice. For ABD Construction, Inc., safety isn’t about meeting regulations, although we exceed safety regulations across the board. And it’s not about saving money, although thanks to our low accident rate, we pay significantly less in insurance premiums than other contractors. No, for us, safety is about one thing only: ensuring that the people who work on our projects are protected.



The prevention of all work-related loss shall be given precedence over productivity. Prevention of loss shall be practiced by all personnel at all times. Only work methods that prevent, minimize, or control loss shall be used. Loss refers to any personal injury, damage to equipment, material, structures,       re-works, defects, delays, mistakes and waste.



We work hard to earn and maintain our safety record. ABD Construction, Inc., insurance Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is substantially lower than the national construction industry average, confirming our approach to mitigating risk and safety works; which allows us to pass these savings along to our clients.

Safety Awards & Employee Recognition

ABC of Virginia
STEP Award
(Safety Training Evaluation Process)
    • National Safety Excellence Award



Safety Award